Band Biographies: Siege Perilous

Larp and history inspired metal band from Colorado.
Stay a while and listen! we are siege perilous. our music is heavily inspired from historical events and fantasy stories. our unique spin on power metal takes inspiration from events such as the black plague and crossing the rubicon. though we couldn't call ourselves epic metal if we haven't also written songs about slaying dragons during larp events and ttrpgs such as dungeons & dragons.
Our music features bellowing warcries from Shaughnessy mcdaniel, soaring guitar solos from scott hancock, hypnotic harmonies from Cody Martinez, thundering drums from mark girard, and earth-shattering bass from Eric Fischer.
Come join us on our quest at our next show, where each song is its own epic adventure. we hope our music will give you the kind of inspiration that will let you add a d12 to your next roll.

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