Behind The Artworks: Attractive Chaos - Tame & Conquer (2024)

The artwork of Tame & Conquer was created by the French graphic designer Mickey of Mythrid Art. Mythrid Art is famous for producing amazing artworks for big labels such as Frontiers Music.
To be honest, we chose an artwork that was already ready to be used, as we did for our previous E.P. “The Fire Between Us”. The reasons are simple: We love this aesthetic of the full design and second reason, it totally fits the title of the E.P. “Tame & Conquer”
“Tame and Conquer” refers to the power of your mind, to how you can control your mindset to overcome any obstacles and danger. On the front cover, the woman is the metaphor of serenity and mind control and the elements around represent the threats of life that have to be “tamed”. Once you’ve learned to tame the elements around you, you are ready to “Conquer” the world or in other words to draw your path.

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