Behind The Scenes: RedFace - Breath From The Lord Of Chaos (Official Video)

“Breath from the Lord of Chaos” has become a totally unexpected video, even for the band. We could sum up by saying that it is the most efficient video ever recorded and the best rate production time/result video on the Spanish underground scene.

Redface's idea was to launch “First Blood”, our upcoming first album, at the beginning of July 2024. After having a few conversations with the label and the press team, we decided to launch a third advance (there were already two singles out, “Faithless” and “The Paradox of the Blind”). This decision was made in May, so we started working on the idea of launching a video from the very beginning. We really think that the impact of a single is a thousand times higher if it comes out with a video. The shortage of music is balanced with a full experience of audio-visual footage.

Anyway, at that moment, we called our film/video magician, David Martex, asking for the favor of recording a video, and this should be in the middle of a forest. On top of this pressure, we asked him to get all the footage in just one day and one session. Besides, we had neither a script nor any other ideas in mind. We were just sure that we wanted the video recorded in the middle of a forest. However, we could not film it in May due to weather conditions, so we finally left the recording day for June 8th. And again, due to Redface members' jobs and family commitments, it needed to be recorded in full in one day.

Things could not get worse when we got to the selected location on June 8th. The place was full of people and kids having barbeques and celebrating birthdays!!! The situation was a bit critical at that moment, but we were laughing at it. Then, we decided to move to Plan B, Location B. We took all the equipment there at 6 p.m.: cameras, lights, generators, etc. The problem now was that we wanted sunset light (known in photography as “Golden Hour”). So we got all the equipment ready as quickly as possible. While we were doing this, we decided that our singer, Javi, could be chased by himself, by his alter ego (which is more or less the meaning we give to the lyrics). And there, we improvised all the rest (remember, it needed to be during sunset).

Finally, we made it in less than four hours. Then, the director, David Martex, made excellent post-production work, especially with grading. We could have the video ready in less than a week. Totally unbelievable The already known.

“Breath from the Lord of Chaos” is the third advance from our upcoming new album “First Blood", due out on July 29th via Violence in the Veins on digital and LP limited edition. A pre-order campaign can be joined at:

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