Track By Tracks: Gigantum - Gigantum (2024)

1. Monkey King:

Monkey King is about the Chinese deity, Sun Wukong. He has an interesting story, and the lyrics depict some of that. Mia learned about Sun Wukong because of a misinterpreted conversation she had with Mark at practice one day. He was talking about a totally different deity, and it wasn’t realized until much later. She went down a historic path and ended up being so intrigued with Sun Wukong, that she wrote the lyrics about him. This is the first song that the band wrote together and is a good example of us all contributing artistically to come up with an epic song, that is a conglomerate of metal, rock and punk.

2. For All My Friends:

For All My Friends is about the complicated relationships that happen when people have unresolved traumas. It’s about loss of friendships from failed relationships or death. It’s the feelings that are still there after the loss. It is on the more poppy side next to our other songs, but it does have some grit and anger behind it. By the end, we jam out on it and release a lot of emotion. Blare was jamming on a couple of riffs that ended up turning into this song when we all worked on it at rehearsal. It came together pretty quickly, so what we did is what you hear, it's a powerful catchy tune but once the jam happens the music just goes places. It’s definitely a fun song to listen to. 

3. Forever Dreaming:

Forever Dreaming was written about someone special in Mark’s life, who cannot be in his life due to reasons that are private. It probably reads like it’s just about astrological stuff, but it does have deeper personal meaning for Mark and for that special person as well. Musically, we gallop through an uneven landscape of sounds and

4. Brain Haze:

Brain Haze came about because of Blare and Mia having intense conversations about stress and the brain. The song describes what it feels like when the brain no longer works and is just on fire. The feeling Blare had behind this song musically really didn’t have anything to do with the end result. Blare studied North Indian music in school and loved the table. The tabla is very hard to play and she felt that she certainly was not that coordinated but it was fun for her to try - there are syllables that go along with the rhythm. So musically, that was the original idea behind the song. It didn’t translate at all but what did was the riff and the rest of the song. The last 4 minutes of the song is one of her favorite solos she has played, it also is a different style of playing for her. Blare envisioned what it would sound like to be emotionally in a black hole and then find peace. This song takes you on an odyssey!

5. Rock Box:

Rock Box is about not being stuck in a box. It’s about loving and playing music. We do not want to be defined and stuck in a box musically and we are playing music because it’s what we love. We will do it until the day we die. Musically, it’s our ode to punk rock, Gigantum style, and will give you a swift kick in the ass.

6. Necron 99:

Necron 99 was inspired by the 1977 animated movie, WIZARDS. It’s a very interesting concept and a lot of the themes are still very current for today. Lyrically, it has a very doomy industrial feel that doesn’t end well. Though we are describing the movie, I feel like we are also talking about current events. 

Musically: it’s very heavy and doomy with a journey into darkness.

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