Track By Tracks: LustIcon - They Fall (2024)

1. Beautiful and Obscene:

Musically this song incorporates black metal and heavy metal mixed with a touch of acoustic guitar showing hints of Kentucky folk music. There's a good amount of piano blended into the riffs in perhaps a more primitive and less flamboyant version of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. The song starts with snarling and scratchy vocalizations reminiscent of a mix between mid-era Satyricon and Hearthwork era Carcass and alternates throughout with a haunting female-led melody.

The lyrics contain intense and graphic imagery dealing with themes of trauma, mental illness, and self-harm. It presents a stark, disturbing portrait of suffering and alienation. An unfiltered expression of psychological pain, societal critique, and the struggle for visibility and understanding in the face of trauma and mental illness. The lyrics deal with uncomfortable realities that are often ignored or hidden.

2. The Waiting Blind:

The musical direction for this song is a mix of 90's black metal and thrash, with some intermittent backwoods Kentucky folk music throughout. The vocals are snarling and gritty and may approach an almost Immortal/Carcass feel. There are some bellowing yells and a groove-oriented female vocal riff to finish the song off.
The lyrics are dense with complex imagery and themes grappling with ideas of religious disillusionment, the search for truth in a world of deception, and the complex nature of divinity and humanity. It presents a dark, conflicted view of spirituality and existence, where conventional understanding is inadequate and paradoxical.

It advocates for a radical, even violent, rejection of conventional ways of perceiving in order to attain a deeper truth.

3. Screaming About Treachery:

The song starts with some blasting drums and black metal riffing with heavy guitar squeals that lead into an electronic chamber music moment. This is quickly followed by a pounding heavy buildup reminiscent of Varg and some catchy hard rock-style riffs.

The lyrics capture the intense emotional journey following a sudden loss. It explores themes of regret, longing, the power of memory, and the difficulty of moving on. The song is trapped in a cycle of hope and despair, unable to fully let go of the past while recognizing the futility of longing.

4. They Fall:

Soft strings, bells, and acoustic guitar start the song off as it quickly leads into a heavy double bass-driven riff. The female vocals carry this song through chugging emotive blackened heavy metal verses. An emotional string section creates a hollow and bleak space within the song as the female vocals take a haunting monotone approach to bring this album to its end.

This song is an exploration of heartbreak, betrayal, and disillusionment. It depicts the aftermath of a relationship that has ended painfully, not necessarily an emotional relationship but any relationship, religious, political, or otherwise that requires devotion and vulnerability. It's grappling with the pain of betrayal, the difficulty of letting go, and the struggle to reconcile past happiness with present pain. It's a raw and unfiltered expression of these complex, often conflicting emotions.

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