Track By Tracks: Meifu - Haunted Dreams (2024)


After five years of career and live experience, Meifu is proud to unveil their official debut album “Haunted Dreams”, a work focused on different stories united by the element of transformation and change, both lyrical and musical. Through a massive bass, hermetic guitar parts, and tribal drumming, “Haunted Dreams” explores disturbing atmospheres guided by the ritualistic vocal interpretation of Mari, on a thoughtful and immersive path that transcends genres to reach an inner space of self-understanding and meditation.

The primal sound that starts everything. Ethereal but solid, the main riff of the intro goes deep into heavy psychedelia, while bass and drums maintain a steady and primordial rhythm in the background. There are no vocals on this track, as we wanted to evoke an instrumental ambient, atmosphere that sets the mood for the rest of the songs. The title Cubensis refers to the Psilocybe Cubensis, a hallucinogen mushroom that closes perfectly the hazing aesthetic of the music.

The meaning of this song emerged as an epiphany in times of hard thoughts. Looking for a deeper perspective on the stagnant so-called “reality”, we discovered that a wider and more complex cobweb stands on us all, opening spaces and dimensions for acting never seen before. Frightful and seductive, the hidden passages of the self we sing about are paired musically with one of the heaviest songs on the record, ready to crush and start up a fight against the sleep of Reason!


“Turkish Kraken" is the first single extracted from our debut album "Haunted Dreams" and it contains most of the elements that create our sound. It has an obsessive, slow rhythm start that captures the listener, while Mari starts to sing her hypnotic vocal part. The track evolves in a semi-improvised section where the guitar of Tommy leads the part with his enchanting melody, until the super heavy finale, where the fuzzy bass of Genia and the dirty backing vocals take the square. Lyrically, it deals with the horror theme of the Kraken, as evocated by Alfred Tennyson, and projects it in those lands where women are largely oppressed. As a kraken, their anger and fury emerge from the abyss, to break the chain of mental and physical slavery and to reach freedom. In the end, that's a song of hope, transformation, and revolt, starting placidly and ending furiously!


This song is largely inspired by the trilogy of Gormenghast by the writer Mervyn Peake, an incredible tale that deals with a dusted and rusted empire that is inevitably about to crumble. Steerpike is a fellow that, from the slums, manages to climb to the top of the castle in which he was a prisoner, laughing and exulting for a freedom that is vain. The surreal tone of the narration is sustained by delicate arrangements at first, growing until a glorious ride on the galloping riffing of the last part.


That’s a fragment of Codex Boturini (or Tira De La Peregrinaciòn De Los Mexica), an Aztec manuscript from the XVI century about the migration of Mexica from their native lands. In 1299 Mexica were defeated, expelled from Chapultepec, which was a sacred place for them, and enslaved. It speaks about war not from the winner's side, and about all the battles that we’ve lost along the way, and still we’ll lose. Epic and deep, this is the second single extracted from the album and shows a more layered spectrum in the creation of our sound.


This long jam was one of the first songs we ever created, and still gives us chills during his execution: it is unstable, insidious, yet enchanting and full of mystery. It deals with transfiguration, a corporeal metamorphosis that evolves during a night walk in the forest. while the spirit grows and extends itself. Accepting the change of mind and body, the personal existence gains power, and explode in conjunction with the Earth and the Sky, in a heavy blues-driven crescendo that exalts the vocal lines of Mari and reaches the end of the long road made on “Haunted Dreams”.

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