News: Patrick Craig Releases Video For 'Hold My Jacket' And Announces UK Tour‏

London based singer songwriter Patrick Craig has revealed the video for 'Hold My Jacket', the fourth single from his debut album 'True Story'.

In keeping with his other singles 'True Story', 'Begin Again' and 'Cold Coffee In Cracked Mugs', 'Hold My Jacket' follows the narrative of another 'true story' that forms Patrick's debut album.

Taking nearly two years to write, the song 'Hold My Jacket' was originally released on Patrick's 2014 EP 'It Will Get Better' and quickly became a fan favourite. 'The song is about the need for chaos and unpredictability, and how playing it safe can get rather boring,' Patrick explains.

Commenting on the video, Patrick says 'It was shot in one take, the edit point in the middle is actually covering something I did wrong, I think. We'd convinced a friend to let us use her house, so we spent the majority of the budget on pizza for everyone.'

You can watch the video for 'Hold My Jacket' here:

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