News: Wings Denied Van Breakdown‏

"Dear Ohio fans,

Our van sadly has broken down 40 minutes from the venue. Good news is as of now, we are getting a tow to the venue and will *hopefully* make the show. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and hope we can still play for you all! 

Dear ALL fans,

Well, this sucks. Unfortunately, the life of a touring band sometimes leads to situations like this, outside of our control. Thankfully, we're a metal band, and know how to deal with breakdowns. That being said, this obviously puts us in a bit of a financial bind, especially on the day of our EP release. If you were planning on picking up a copy of "Voyager" or any other merchandise related to it, we ask that you do it now in order to help us get our van up and running again, so we can come bring our music to you this summer. 

Thank you."

Links to "Voyager":

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