News: Perdition Releases Guitar Playthrough for “The Hymn Creeper,” ‘Lost Rites’ EP Due Out Friday on Imminence Records

After releasing the lead single “The Hymn Creeper” last month, Pennsylvania’s melodic/symphonic death metal quintet Perdition has just released the guitar playthrough for it. The single is off the band’s proper Imminence Records debut, entitled Lost Rites, that will be released this Friday.
The new EP represents our tireless efforts to reinvigorate a genre of music plagued by over-quantization and volume. We are proud to release the first single off of the EP. The song is fast, brutal, and precise with a take-no-prisoner cadence. Its lyrics reflect our societal shortcomings and our overall ignorance towards intelligent, political, and social progress. With every listen of the track an angel loses her wings and a fascist loses his toupee.” – Noah Scarpelli (Drummer)

LOST RITES (June 3rd)

1. Zeitgeist 
2. Genocide 
3. The Hymn Creeper 
4. The Shattered Hands Of Thieves 
5. Lost Rites

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