News: Visit Safe Side ‘In My Place’: Essex Pop Punks Release New Video From Forthcoming EP ‘Blossom’‏

“Try to get closure from a one way switch / I built my spine from broken promises /You're the type to break the knees I knelt to prey” sings Frank Yates in Safe Side’s newly released video single for ‘In My Place’. Featuring the band performing in quaint suburbia, the track taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Blossom’ is a prime example of it’s intent, with bassist Danny Giasford elaborating that it’s about: “battling personal demons and trying to overcome them; improving yourself, shaking off those bad habits and negative thoughts”. Watch it here.
“When we listen to our own songs we try to look at them like this: would we listen to them if we weren’t in the band?” muses Gaisford. “We genuinely would,” he (fortunately) confirms. “There would be no point writing the songs if we didn't believe in them. There's loads of underground bands in the scene at the moment, and I hope that we have set ourselves apart; we’re certainly very proud of our new songs and feel that there’s something different about them.”
Said new songs form Safe Side’s sophomore E.P ‘Blossom’, a collection of highly infectious tuneage which successfully blends the band’s pop punk roots with elements of Alternative rock, and vocalist Frank Yates’ distinctly homegrown delivery. “Frank's voice sets us apart,” opines Danny; “Pop punk is known for American pronunciation, no matter where you are from. So having a particularly British voice in our sound is a good thing. It's always good to look outside of the box… try something different. And for us that is layering a distinct kind of vocal over our instrumentation.” 
To match their creative step up, Safe Side – completed by guitarists Jordan Tuffen and Chris Smart, and drummer Callum Tuffen – moved from the home studio environment of their debut E.P to tracking the songs of ‘Blossom’ at Southampton’s The Ranch (Milk Teeth, Creeper, Boston Manor). “The ‘real studio’ environment was very much an eye opener for us, we learned a lot from going there,” Danny recalls;“Only a couple of us had ever been to a studio before, and we really wanted to collectively experience that learning curve. And as a result we think ‘Blossom’ feels more like a real record. We took time on it and put a lot of thought and effort into every part, and we think it shows. We wanted to make sure it's something we would want to listen to as fans.”

Safe Side ‘Blossom’ Tracklisting: 

1. Wilt 
2. In My Place 
3. Framework 
4. Resolve

Catch Safe Side Live: 

August 13th, Landslide Festival, Brentwood
August 14th Live It Up Festival, Northampton

Safe Side Release EP ‘Blossom’ on 15th July 2016

Watch New Video ‘In My Place’ Now:

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