Track By Tracks: Gabezia - Orain (2016)

This EP was conceived as a whole, we wanted to reflect on time and what past, present, and future means for humans. Each song aims to represent these concepts, not only from the lyrics but from the songwriting itself. Iragana (Past) is monolithic, Oraina (Present) is exciting and full of action and Etorkizuna (Future) is open and unpredictable.

1. Iragana: 

This is the heaviest song we have ever written, actually we recorded it slower than the original demo, we did this on purpose, to represent the weight that the past can have on each personality.

Who am I? Where do I come from? We will never be able to answer this questions looking from the kaleidoscope of anthropocentrism.

2. Oraina: 

This is the most straight forward song, although our structures are always chaotic. This song has the most anthem feeling and it is killer on our shows, everybody goes crazy when it starts.

We are alive, but are we breathing? We don´t want to just survive, we want to live. The now is the only thing we have, take action and enjoy life at the fullest.

3. Etorkizuna: 

The last song is our most progressive song, we start with an unexpected riff you cannot guess where is leading you and then evolves into different musical textures. The end of this song is the most epic piece we have ever written, the guitar and bass tapping and the uneven rhythm along with the lyrics gives us goosebumps every time we play it.

We hold the key to your destiny, let´s take full responsibility for our life, if we want to transcend we better start moving, we will be immortal.

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