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Track By Tracks: NESSERIA - Cette érosion de nous-mêmes (2017)

1. La peur et le danger:

This track has been written in 2014 during the time of Fractures, the previous album. It shows a change in the composition process. More fluid and melodic. The track depicts our reaction facing against terrorist threats but also indifference produced on us as an audience by the omnipresence of this subject in the medias.

2. La chasse aux eccureuils:

The lyrics on this album have been written by 3 people. This more personal subject about childhood and adulthood's desillusions is one of our favorite. It concentrates all the gist of our musical will for this new album, dark and brightning moments. This is also a tribute to all the sceamo scene in the 90's.

3. Les ruines:

Built upon a typical post punk bass line brought by our former bassist, it directly comes from our work on the track Omayra from the album Fractures. Les Ruines is about all the excuses we can find for ourselves when we fail. Its melodic theme can remind some french bands that are real references for us like Daïtro, Amanda Woodward and Sed Non Satiata.

4. A l'usure:

This acoustic track is an idea of our singer and this is probably for us the most destabilizing one in the all album. But it's the one we're the most proud of. The lyrics are also the most pertinent and personal we ever wrote in the band. We play it first place on live shows. This is a good way to defend a track that doesn't suit to everyone. We assume it completely, even if it exposes us.

5. St Petersburg:

Directly talking about our feelings during the long trips in our tour in Russia. Against a Post Black background, St Petersburg is also the longer track of the album. Splitted in three parts, it shows something new for the band with a long clear part in the middle only based upon two guitars.

6. Forteresse:

Probably the most violent track, it's more like the former way we were used to compose with more grind and hardcore parts. The heavier part at the end is closing with a lead part played with a bottleneck, giving a ghostly shape to it. This atmosphere perfectly suits to the theme of this track. It's about Europe duality to give a refuge to migrants while facing difficulties to make it decently.

7. Pris a la gorge:

Making a double shot of violence with the previous track, mixing grind and black metal, this track is about our everyday cynicism. Indeed, we are wearing masks everyday and we are switching them depending of the situations. We are not the same with our family, with friends or at work. Keeping being uncompromising and without any psychological filter is very difficult, if not impossible.

8. Dans l'ombre et sans visage:

With its long post black intro, its more mid tempo hardcore middle and its climax ending, this is one of our favorite track to play live. The thematic is more global, closer to our old lyrics. People are just lines on a CV, better chosen for their rentability than their own personalities. Interchangeability in the world of work can be found in the underground circle. A lot of bands start doing the same kind of music with an infinite number of the same visual in the hope of joining any kind of trend. For those who want to understand.

9. Cette érosion de nous mêmes:

The final eponymous and instrumental track, just like on the previous albums. The fact that there are no lyrics and the track refers directly to the title of the album (This Erosion of Ourselves) and to the visual helps you to make your own interpretation of the central character. Not giving any precise explanations helps people to be more active in the listening of the album and to feel more implicated. From a musical point of view, this last track brings a brightning touch that concludes a logic into the tracklist. It reminds post rock is a main influence in the band and maybe gives some clues about future explorations for the band...

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