Track By Tracks: NOYDEM - A Time Will Come (2017)


Every song was created with the will to make people talk about their situations. They reveal our vision of today’s society’s deficiencies. In the country which represents the world, the lonely tree means that everybody who has a rough story (purple roots) can rise from the ashes to have a beautiful life, a gold sky over their head.

1. Welcome Home:

Our single talks about a girl who's always looking for something more. So she's depressed. But the aim of the song, is to tell her to look around and see what she's got, because it's her pessimism which is the reason of her sadness.

This song is a message of hope, telling everyone to focus on what they have instead of what they want. We have to enjoy what life gives us instead of always looking for more.

2. Bring me down:

In that song, we wanted to imagine the reasons which would explain turning towards terrorism. A boy explains what happened in his mind, and why he finally radicalized towards terrorism.

We sing the verses of the song with a low and dark voice, telling what can possibly happen in the mind of a boy during his radicalisation.

In the refrain of this dark song, we wanted to explain that the boy lost his reasons to live because nobody paid attention to him. He was just afraid and alone, and his only way to get noticed is by becoming a terrorist. But in the beginning, he was just a lonely boy looking for some attention.

3. Stay:

We wanted to talk about a prostitute in this song. The purpose was to show men as animals who are totally okay to pay to receive “love” during a few minutes.

The ambience of this song is created by a weird bass tone, demonstrating the general atmosphere that emerges during the discussion between a prostitute and a client. But in the refrain, the prostitute is screaming ''crazy'', meaning that the client will get what he expects, while making the prostitute a little bit more crazy at the same time.

4. Your otherself:

A beaten wife is talking in this song, which explains why her voice is weak and sad.

She's saying that she is willing to give her life if it's the only way she has to insure that her husband appears normal for society.

She does not understand that her husband is a psychopath, he can't feel anything in his heart, ''his shell''. This song says that no wife must have to suffer the consequences of a man ‘s mood, nor should she have to be the victim of a man raising his hand on her. A place to live. 

A boy is talking about how he feels in today's society. He does not want to take part of people's habits, and suffers because nothing satisfies him, nor gives him what he really wants: freedom. But he fells ashamed and guilty because he cannot manage to be a part of today's society. So he asks for another place to build his empire of guilt, thinking he would be better off leaving this world.

This song explains that we have to take part in society, even when we do not want to. You can't change society, and you're only way to live happy, is to find a place in this world.

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