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In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the  Death Metal band DYING AWKWARD ANGEL, from Italy. Check out this band and give them a like on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. What does your band mean?

Edoardo: Our band can have more than one meaning. From my personal point of view it’s a part of each man, it represents an ancestral state where the man was closer to a divine entity. Today that part is not dead yet but it’s forgotten and it’s dying so : Dying Awkward Angel

Lorenzo: You can image an angel that leans out the edge to look at humanity, and because of his awkwardness he falls down, dying as an angel, and becoming something else.

2. Why that band name?

Edoardo: Dying Awkward Angel was an idea by the original singer of the band. If you want to know why, you have to ask him ! I can give you his FB contact!

Lorenzo: You can hit Edo very hard, if you want.

3. Why did you form?

Edoardo: The main idea was: conquering the world with our music.

At the moment we didn’t made yet but we are positive for the future and also for Absence of light

4. How did the idea come to be?

Edoardo: Dying Awkward Angel is a band risen from the ashes of an unsuccessful project( Dark Reality ). Dying Awkward Angel wasn‘t born by an idea but by the great feeling created between 5 good guys.

5. How would you describe your sound in five words?

Edoardo: Melodic, Angry, Insane , Furious and Ambiguous

6. Your upcoming album? how do think it should be received by fans?

Edoardo: It‘s not easy to answer, this is the first album with a worldwide distribution and to be honest I don't know.

7. What kind of listening experience are trying to give fans with this single and new music to come?

Edoardo: I hope to give fans the same emotions that we feel when we play; I hope they have a lot of fun.

8. How is the writing process for the band?

Edoardo: I use to start with a draft song and all the band members give something during the writing process. Normally for the other bands, a song is written by only one man but is a little bit different for us.

9. Are any of the band members known on the local scene from any other bands?

Edoardo: Yes, Luca is the drummer of the power metal band Highlord and Michele is the vocalist for the death stars Kenos

10. How did you decide on the tracks for this album? how much more music can fans expect? (Edoardo) We have many songs that we didn’t published yet ☺, Fans can expect a lot of music more and more than the past!

11. What can people expect live from your band compared to other bands?

Edoardo: I don’t know, for sure we aren’t a band with fireworks on stage but we play very hard and normally fans feel these emotions

12. Where do your lyrics come from? what inspires your writing?

Edoardo: It depends... I don’t have a main interest or inspiration. Everything can inspire me and the band!

Lorenzo: Traditionally in this project lyrics were written by the vocalist. Now we have changed our course: in “Absence of Light” any member of the band wrote something. Personally I wrote the lyrics for The Dust Devil, Death Coach and Blood of your Blood. I found inspiration in some stunning actuality, and I tried to show you reality as I see it: a fist dressed with some poetry.

13. Are the songs a collaborative effort?

Edoardo: Yes all guys partecipate

14. Does the band have a main songwriter?

Edoardo: As I told you before, all the band members have a role in the building music process but normally the first idea for a new shit comes from me.

Lorenzo: Yes, we could say that Edo is the mastermind, but we all take care of the arrangements and try give a personal overview of the songs.

15. How does the music affect the lyrics and vice versa?

Edoardo: To be honest, the lyrics and the music belong to different processes; only at the end we mix the parts to have a good result. It also true that this is our old method and we used it for this album too. For the next chapters we will start with the topics and then write the lyric and the music, probably next challenge will be a concept album.

Lorenzo: Until today, at first there was music and then we thought to some topics. Anyway I think that in “Absence of light” we reasoned very well on the matches between sounds and topics.

16. How would you describe the evolution of the band’s sound?

Edoardo: We start with the only goal: destroying everything! Seriously, We started with a classic scandinavian death metal, inspired by very famous In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the gates and stuff like that. The early one was a good sound but not very original, so over the years we have been working a lot to achieve a more solid and understandable sound, and thanks to the guys we created the very personal Dying Awkward Angel sound.

17. Name the Top 5 band influences of the band. What metal genres influence you as a band the most?

Edoardo: There is not a band in particular, for sure the old Scandinavian death metal school, but If your request is mandatory: Old In Flames, Old Dark Tranquility, Carcass, etc

- What’s the meaning behind the album and some of the songs.

Edoardo: One of the most fun concepts that we like to use is the ambiguity. Behind this album there is a lot of ambiguity and there are several keys to read our songs. I don’t want to say anything about the Absence of light because I give you my personal idea so please: take the CDd, play a song, read the lyric and find your own personal key.

- Describe the album as a whole and describe each song track by track

Lorenzo answers:

Absence of Light: is a new era for us: the first official release, a mature sound (we hope so), an increased richness of our themes, a real fucking powerful new voice on our music! You can see it as the light of God, when it doesn’t give you what you expected! This new chapter is heavy, fast, powerful, dark and bright at the same time.

The Dust Devil: is a metaphoric tornado (dust devil is the name of a twister when it forms in the desert), that symbolizes a pit in a heavy metal concert, hit by terrorism

Blood of your Blood: is the violent outburst of a madman that kills his ex girlfriend’s daughter

Death Coach: is a dark lampoon against the new spiritual trends (vegans, etc.). You should understand that no “life coach” can help you: if you can’t give your life a sensenobody will

Luca answers:

Our main threads in this album’s themes are violence, when it affects the weak ones, and deliriums of fragile, insane people.

Sancta Sanctorum: tells about a pope and his research towards truth. He just goes crazy when he finds out that his beliefs on lies, and he decides to pass away.

Shade: is a sad love story. A man commits suicide, after being eaten by his memories, and by the bulky essence of a cruel girl.

The Killing Floor: takes inspiration from the facts happened in Lanark, Scotland, between 1860 and 1980. 400 little bodies were found in a huge mass grave near the orphanage. Somebody had to protect those children, but they have to handle their guilt...instead.

Davide answers:

“Maldita Seas”: Two ex-lovers realize that cursing each other is the only honest way to communicate

“Isaiah 53:7” tells about a kidnapped boy waiting for ransom; after 11 weeks he gives up hope and behaves like a meek lamb

“Dolls”: ironically, a sadistic man is tortured by his victim

Edoardo: “Tusk” is the contraposition between hypocrisy and reality, mankind and divinity; it's the ambiguity between good and evil

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