Track By Tracks: Kill No Albatross - Speak True Evil (2018)

1. Seven Tools:

We're optimists - so much so that we set out to repurpose the seven deadly sins into 'tools' for reflection and self-improvement. We even repurpose knife sharpening - that sinister sound - into a metronomic pulse that drives the operation!

2. Apex Predator:

The simultaneous liberation and embarrassment that anger provides inspired us to record this song naked. Now, every time you listen to this song you'll think of egregious amounts of swinging junk. You're welcome!

3. Sky on Fire:

Here, we equate the pangs of love with global warming. That is to say, the micro and macro scales collide. There's a string section on this song, too, so please - justify our expense, and listen to it!

4. Void:

A Kyle-led riff bonanza that culminates in an Alex Crosty whammy pedal guitar solo and a double kick drum wallop session. Paper and scissors need not apply here; this song is pure ROCK. 

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