Track By Tracks: Bad As - Midnight Curse (2018)

1. Midnight curse:

Midnight curse is perhaps the biggest metaphorical story of the concept, where a magician and a witch fall in love. She goes crazy and is obsessed with the magician, so he tries to go away from her, hoping she will take control of himself for their love. The sorceress, however, makes him a spell so that he cannot move away, turning it into a diamond. She will always keep him with her, she will see him again on every diamond’s face until one day it will fall, it will break and she will be able to do nothing else but look in the emptiness of the pieces of that black diamond, where her love will not be there anymore.

Their love will never end but the story will close in the desperation of the woman, obsessed with possession for her man will come to reassemble it, entering into the diamond and traveling in that world and hope to find her wizard.

2. Open your mind:

With this song we want to give a sense of hope to all people who are being teased emotionally or from society. People who hide from everything and everyone and no longer have expression, for those who suffer and close in on themselves.

People must open their minds to find themselves with the world, to be strong and don’t hide from reality and unmask the people who can hurt them.

3. Black star:

This song wants to convey a sense of revenge against those who don’t believe in people's dreams. If in people there are no hopes then there are no goals, no growth and no future. People have to believe in themselves, because we all are stars. But when a star is destroyed, it forms a black hole, which takes away everything and everyone with it. A return, not a revenge. "With suffering we grow up and sometimes, someone told that we are not ready to the task of doing something. It is definitely a vital moment for our goals, which can lead to greater results. But at the same time, we don’t forget and I need to prove something, like everyone else.

4. This Time:

A power ballad, I would say almost pop.

Tell the story of a sailor talking to the moon. Depicting his love, who has not seen since he left many years before at sea. He talks to her about his travels, but is overwhelmed by a storm and ends up drowned.

He manages to survive only with the hope of being able to see the moon again, and the love of his life, one day returning to the mainland.

5. Coming far away:

It's a song that wants to reflect victory.

There are highs and lows in the world but, Nothing and No one can stop you when you follow your dreams.

6. Shadows of the night:

Sometimes we must also see life on the side of the "villains of history".
When we grow up we are increasingly part of that circle... and fortunately, otherwise we would be hypocrites

7. Cause of my Poetry:

Always comes that moment in life when you think to the past. We think back to what was beautiful and what hurt us.

Then we also understand our mistakes. Sometimes, however, it is too late.

So, we always lose something in our lives, something we really need and we have to cover with something new.

8. Dream Fighter:

Life is sometimes difficult, there are contingencies and difficulties that we cannot overcome on the first stroke.

So, we fall to the ground, after life has pulled us a big punch without being able to dodge it.

But the important thing is to never give up, get up and keep on fighting until win over personal defeats.

9. At a Sunset:

Sometimes the last sensations of a relationship it’s icy, as if it were enveloped in a storm.

To get lost in nothingness, or to no longer speak, running away to find calm.

10. Dark element:

You can travel anywhere with your mind, with feelings you can experience unimaginable sensations …. but how can we do that? sometimes it’s enough to think that it is an obscure element that moves everything... something that must be sought before to be understood.

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