Track By Tracks: Black Goat - Magia Posthuma (2019)

1. Ascension Of Golden Lilth:

Ritual invocation of the Dark Mother, based on the mantra that I use in the personal appeals to the Mother Of Demons.

2. Black Goat/Omen Perdirionis:

Based on my own visions of Hell, resulting from dark meditations. Completed by the ritual performance from occult project Corona Barathri, dark and emotional sound canvas.

3. Magia Posthuma:

An attempt to step on the bridge into a spiritual world, that begins beyond the cemetery gates. A look into a world, thin and ghostly, like a morning mist among the old tombstones.

4. Reap the Harvest:

Nothing special, just an Old Black Metal Spirit. Riders of the Apocalypse descends from blackened skies to harvest human souls.

5. Show Me The Wrath:

A tribute to Old and True Satanic Metal and a spit in the face of plastic modern so-called “black- metal”. Black Goat will always glorify old and Evil bands, and stands against fucking modern scene.

6. Seprentmessiah:

A monologue of Samael, The Great Serpent that exists from the beginning of times, the keeper of Wisdom and Knowledge, impersonation of Power and Might. In kabalistic hematria number 358 means “Messiah” but also it means “Serpent”, what can be concluded that the 358 is the number of Samael.

7. Salvation & Forgiveness 18-11-1978:

This song is about a mass suicide of followers of “Peoples Temple”, lead by reverend Jim Jones.

Over 900 peoples died there. The sound picture of this song reveals the Abyss, that devours their souls. Death…Death…Death… the song uses the last lifetime voice recording of Jim Jones

8. Ghoul Grave:

A cursed place, where Ancient Evil still lies untoched. A shelter of the Undead, the witness of cethe Ages and the keeper of forbidden wisdom. Many mystic legends surronds places like that.

For many mortals it’s unholy and unpure place, but for the Dark Ones it’s a sacred place. On a nights of a full moon terror, death and plague comes to the world again and again. Transylvanian legends is still alive. The most evil and sinister vampyric song.

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