Track By Tracks: Anomalism - Parasitic Spawn (2019) - Breathing The Core


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miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2019

Track By Tracks: Anomalism - Parasitic Spawn (2019)

1. Vicious Fiction:

This track starts things off with a bang, followed shortly with blasts. Lyrical concept is based off of everything that gave you the heebee jeebees while you were trying to sleep at night. Except, in this tale they're real. 

2. Cryptosphere:

Technically the fastest track on the album, Cryptosphere begins with lots of sinister yet joyful riffs and grooves, and gradually descends into a very evil, almost blackened theme. Lyrical concept is a tale of disliking yourself so much, that you murder yourself in every dimension. 

3. Parasitic Spawn: 

This song kicks things off with everything we could muster. Vocals, triplets, and bass heavy the second the track starts. Lyrical concept is about a new life form finding earth, and then cross breeding. Although… the new life form doesn't ask the humans if they're up for it.
4. Plagues of Cognizance:

Plagues is riddled with dark melodies as well as speedy rhythms. Lyrical concept is a perception of what the human race has become. As well as having consciousness to realize it, but the inability to do anything about it. 

5. The Waiting Room:

The songs almost comes off happy. A catchy yet still positive riff accompanied with the drums. Lyrical concept is a story based in a post zombie apocalypse. A person who has nothing but his family left… Except they too are zombies. After an evening of drinking and realizing what he's got to do, he heads down to the basement (the waiting room) and does exactly what you'd expect.

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