Track By Tracks: S91 - Along The Sacred Path (2019)

1. Constantine the Great:

Constantine at the dawn of the Battle of Ponte Milvio reflects on the nature of his faith following the famous apparition narrated by Eusebius of Caesarea.

2. Saint Patrick:

Life of Maewyin Succat, from shepherd of sheep to Bishop of the Church and of the difficulties of carrying out his mission.

3. Pope Gregory I:

In the darkest period of the history of Italy Gregory is called to sit on the Papal Throne. Gregory prays to receive the strength necessary to carry out this important new task. His pontificate will become one of the most revolutionary in history.

4. Olaf II Haraldsson:

The "Eternal King of Norway" decides to impose new rules based on Christian morality and to put an end to some barbaric practices of his people. Will it be worth it?

5. Godfrey of Bouillon:

History of the first ruler of the first Crusader State. A humble hero who refuses the title of King.

6. Joan of Arc:

The figure of Joan of Arc in the course of time has become a symbol of nationalism and a symbol of feminism. But the story of La Pucelle is, first of all, a story of pious devotion, revelation and extraordinary intuition.

7. Martin Luther:

History of the reformer Martin Luther and some of his controversial decisions.

8. John Williams:

History of the English missionary who ended up eaten by the cannibals of the Pacific Ocean.

9. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

History of the theologian who tried to stop Hitler.

S91's lyric video for the first single “Constantine The Great” at the following link:

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