Behind The Artworks: TALES OF THE TOMB - Volume Two: Mendacium (2019)

For the EP artwork we choose to use the artist who did the artwork for our first EP -- Tony Midi of Tony Midi Artworks. When we started out trying to come up with ideas for the artwork, but we were at a loss on how we could combine all the ideas from our songs into one cohesive piece of artwork. We wanted all the elements of our songs to be represented in the artwork for the album. We struggled to think of any ways to combine everything so we left it up to Tony and gave him descriptions of each song and their place on the album and asked him to piece them all together. The album artwork you see now was the first concept he came up. I don't think we asked for very many changes to the first draft that he sent us. What he came up with perfectly intertwined all the songs -- exactly how we hoped to have it. The main cover is a mural with the Twin Towers in the centre and hands flying marionettes of airplanes into the towers representing unseen forces that are said to be controlling our lives (Nine Eleven). Located on the bottom corners of the album are skeletons of Sir Paul McCartney (Faul) and David Koresh (Sinful Messiah). Both met a gruesome demise in the events that unfold in the events in our songs, we thought it was very fitting to have them represented this way. If you look to the top corners of the album artwork you can see mermaids in the engraving artwork of the frame. This was so fitting as it hints towards  our song Mermaid in a Manhole but without drawing major attention. Why this fits so much is because Mermaid in a Manhole is a bonus track on the album and is the only really true-fiction song we have since it's just a bonus he incorporated it well into the front cover. The inside cover is a landscape representing the end results of the events portrayed in our song Dyatlov Pass Incident. Where Russian hikers met there end in a desolated mountain range in Russia. On the CD itself, we are debuting our new “zodiac icon”. Which encompasses three ‘t’s and an O for Tales of the Tomb. Originally designed by a close friend a massive supporter of the band Matt Hough. On the back of the album is a city skyline with the evolutionary chain of animals evolving into humans then into aliens. Our song the Nightmare hall is about Alien underground bases and we thought this design was cool as hell with the evolution chain and it is placed beneath the skyline. It was a cool way to express alien genetic testing in underground bases so it was a keeper. We only have Tony Midi to thank for how this album artwork turned out since he was the creative mastermind behind it. 

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