Band Biographies: Brinicle Rain

Brinicle Rain is a Korean metalcore/djent band based in Seoul, founded in August 2018. Guitarist Jongsoo Lee and Bassist Kyeong Joon Shin are the co-founding members of the band and they have first met each other in the school band when they were undergraduate students in early 2014. They had also been playing the instruments in a local metalcore band together outside the school as well. So they made a decision to form up a new band on their own and started looking for the members to fill in. They found vocalist Seung Gyun Park and the guitarist Sang Im Han through the internet, both being truly gifted and skilled. And they also found a drummer in August 2018, which means Brinicle Rain was fully lined up.

At first, they had been calling themselves as 'GreyWalkers' and made some performances for a while. Then the first drummer just left the band after a short moment, and they decided to change their name into 'Brinicle Rain' as it is today. In the meantime, Jongsoo had also been playing the guitar in another local metalcore band called 'Critical Mass', which led him to work there with the drummer Yongwoo Nam who was the team¡'s composer and technician. Then Critical Mass had been split up apart for an unwanted reason, and Yongwoo decided to join Brinicle Rain in June 2019. So the band was set up with its current members.

'Brinicle' means the underwater icicles which form in calm seas of polar regions when the temperature of the air is much colder than that of the water. There the warm ocean water gets frozen and turns into very dense and salty ice plumes, which sink to the ocean floor, spreading and killing organisms it touches. The vocalist Seung Gyun Park came up with the idea to use it as their band's name when he was watching the National Geographic channel. The other members all thought that it sounded so cool and it had a feeling of 'inevitable desperation' which is mainly the theme of their music. Thus, they all agreed to choose it as their band name.

Brinicle Rain had been preparing their music since early 2019 and released it as their self-titled EP on August 29, 2019. The album includes 5 tracks, with the title track 'Machinery' which feels ambient and groovy, two melodic numbers 'Drowning' and 'Deleting', and 'Degeneration¡' delivering aggressive beatdowns. All members had put a lot of efforts together into the album.They did everything for the album production all by themselves from recording to releasing.

Their most recent performance was on October 5th, 2019, called ¡®Goodbye to Majic and Goodbye to Sandynoiz¡ held at GBN Livehouse, South Korea. They are planning to join much more shows in local venues and trying to release single and full-length albums right away.

Brincle Rain is musically influenced and inspired by the bands like Architects, Crystal lake, The Dali Thundering Concept, Kadinja, Unprocessed, Alpha wolf and Dealer.


Vocals - Seung Gyun Park
Guitar - Jongsoo Lee
Guitar - Sang Im Han
Bass - Kyeong Joon Shin
Drums - Yongwoo Nam

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