Track By Tracks: Sarcasm - Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene (2019)

1. Vortex Of The Vultures:

Once again we needed an intense opener, I think this was the last song we wrote for the album. That opening riff blasting off is something new for this band in my opinion, a weird psychedelic riff blended with melodies to keep the catchiness intact. One of my favorite songs of the album actually. The lyrics deal with human "vultures". Corrupt, rotten megalomaniacs or oppressive entities in general who at the end of the day always lose and they also know it as history has shown. But still they are circling above us and will always do and will always lose. Just as it supposed to be. 

2. Parochial Past Resonates:

The album's second frenzy attack, the chorus is pure old-style SARCASM while the verse riff is thrash I guess, crazy galloping and mid-section that turns into doom for a few seconds.There's a lot of lyrics in this song, but that's the way the song is written, and there's a lot to be said. It's about looking back and not evolving, and when looking back, thinking it is the right path, you repeat the past's same unwanted things, because you are the one who create your path. Now perhaps people will make some political comparisons here but I am not political in any way in my lyrics, they are more in philosophical, metaphysical or existential nature There's no preaching, and I try not to be judgemental, that's why I let a story to be told from a non-physical consciousness, suggestive they may be, but they are opening different doors to the mind. You have the right to stay narrow-minded also, that is up to you, but be prepared to face the consequences. That's why questions are asked in the lyrics.    

3. Flesh Was Carved Out From Seven Faces Of God:

The album's first slow song. We always have two slower ones for each album we have recorded. I always think of vinyl when I list the tracks, and to put those as number three on each side seems logical to me as we always have 8 songs on each album, a good number in my mind and also to avoid including lots of crappy fillers like many other bands do. We think like the old days, you know the time when every track on an album was good. Why do bands have 13 tracks on their albums? Are they insane? Anyway, sorry I digress, yeah lots of vocals on this one too, the lyrics just keep on and on it seems, without repeating any lines. Again it is just how Peter composed the song. The female vocals at the end is Alvaro's wife singing. I thought something was missing in the song to give it more atmosphere and he asked her if she could do something at the end and she did it perfectly. It's a risky thing to add female vocals, we thought having it in the background, and keep it short would be effective, it sounds a bit weird and unorthodox, so it's perfect. We had female vocals on our first album also, and kept it short and tasteful, it can get cheezy otherwise if you overdo it. The lyrics for this song is "God" speaking. The view of life from his perspective. And of course it's not a religious song. It's for those who believe in a religious God. Their image of "God" is speaking to them in the song. 

4. Flawless Anomalies:

It's unfortunate Peter didn't want to comment on these tracks here, would be nice for people to know how he thinks when he composes his stuff, anyway, this also is one of my favorites from the album. Lots of melodies going on here with typical Sarcasm chorus I guess, a bit heavy metal here and there. The theme of the song is "anomalies" of this world, they are here for a reason, to teach conformists to be unconditional etc. and in the end it's the "normal" who is in fact the "anomaly".  

5. Revolution Of Consciousness:

I thought something was missing in this song when it was written and told Peter to perhaps add something at the end or beginning or something and he made that intro for it which is in my opinion a great opening for the song. And great side B start for the vinyl. What can you say more about the song, well, cool riffs, solos etc, The song is about Beings of consciousness limited by nothing, Always a new consciousness coming forth into pyhsical and evolves forward and always becomes more, values and behaviours of the old dissipate with the new. Spiritual evolution if you will. 

6. Realm Of Shadowless Existence:

This is perhaps a good example of how varied this band can be. Parts of this song is clearly influenced by thrash metal and then jumps to typical Sarcasm sound and then back to thrash again. It's important for us not to limit ourselves to one corner. If a thrash riff or heavy riff or whatever riff works for the song we'll use it, and the dynamic of the album shines through really well on these last songs. I have never sung this much in a song of this length before. A very short song with tons of lyrics. And that brings the intensity of it I think. The song is about the realm of the spirits/energy, basically they are showing us our true nature and our other nature in the flesh, that even the primitive is ok because it's part of the evolution also, there's no expansion without contrast. 

7. Celestial Nights:

This one, just like our previous full-lengths, is the "doom/death " track of the album. We usually do one for each album. We musn't forget that we also are fans of slower metal. Lots of atmosphere here, some keyboards here and there. The ending reminds me of some movie soundtrack. Actually my favorite song of the album. The song is about celestial/universe stuff for the most part and in the end how fascinating it is to see narow-minded entities of this world still dwelling in their "caves" and don't have any sense or ability to see the grandness of all and think beyond their feeble-minded boundaries. Perhaps it's a twist in the lyrics, we've done that in the past also, turn everything upside down in the last sentences, it's fun and lyrics should be story telling instead of tons of cool words all over the place for the sake of it. The lyrics are as important as the music for Sarcasm. Also a track that shows the variety and contrast of this band, totally different from the previous track, a good example of why we've never liked the term "melodic death metal". We'd prefer "Metaphysical death metal" instead to describe Sarcasm's sound. The words "melodic death metal" limits us and we hate limits. 

8. The Great Calm Embraced:

This is definitely the fastest song we've ever written. It's insane how Alvaro just blasting the shit out of the kit! A perfect album closer, we always end our albums this furious way, but the last-minute ending is a nice ambient touch, I guess that's when the calm sets in. We also did a music video for this song, it's on youtube so check it out. The song is about what humans call "death", told from the other "dimensions" perspective, and the narrow-minded view of death we who are in the flesh have, also that we all chose the time of returning to physical life and re-emerging with the non-physical, so the conclusion would be that in the end, every death is a suicide?

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