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Track By Tracks: Chronicles Of Hate - The Birth Of Hate (2020)

1. Deadly World:

It’s the intro of the album, it’s an oppressive and dark mix of synth sounds and spoken words.

2. Devastation:

This song talks about an evil man that everyone think to be good, he uses his false empathy and interest to corrupt people and destroy them from inside for his own interest.

3. The Better Way:

Well… sometimes the better way to survive in a mad world is just going crazy!

4. Bet On Tragedy:

The lyrics of this song can be interpreted in many ways, but in the end it talks about a man no one believe to, something in his life left a strong mark in his soul, but he knows to be strong, and only ask to be left alone and free. 

5. The Beast Within:

No one is more dangerous than a good person that becomes bad. 

6. My Obsession:

This song talks about the obsessions of a man that don’t wanna fight them, and these obsessions make him do bad things, he knows it, he feels guilty, but still he lives with them.

7. Hope Kills:

Hope can be the worst cancer, can consume you, and kill you.

8. The Birth Of Hate:

This is the title track of the album, inspired by Swedish death metal, it talks about the effects of a catastrophic event and politics corruption. when human values are forgotten, hate takes place. 

9. Away From Reality:

The most positive song of the album, talks about two real person tired of the falsity and the arrogance of other people that obscure everything that is good and real, so these two people know they could be happy but we don’t know-how and where, maybe just in their own mind

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