Track By Tracks: Harmonize - Warrior In The Night (2020)

1. Warriors In Line (Intro):

In the first track of the album the drumming prepares the warriors to fight and die. The battle shall soon begin once the warriors are in line 2Never Back Down: The battle begun and the leader encourages the legion to fight. With a great sense of brotherhood, there is no time to fear neither the foe nor Death himself. To fight for a cause and to die for one. 3Warrior In The Night Tension builds up as he approaches. Fast. Brutal. Undefeated. He has no boundaries, neither empathy for his enemies. Nocturnal as he is, killing is his only motive. Hungry for death, the sword he holds is always red. 4Angel: The king is finally reunited with his angel. Agony and grief, anger and revenge, slowly fade as he meets his salvation. The beauty and light will nurture him, as they shall pass the gates together. No darkness, only light. Her light. 5The Astonishing End: Vengeance manifested in blood and flames. She watches over the battle through which she is reborn. A most majestic beginning after a sorrowful fall. The warriors under her spell find catharsis only through the means of killing. The prophecy, the sacrifice, the darkness. 6Tonight: Hauntingly and sadistically the ravenous beast creates a bloodbath. Scattered bones and skulls in the battlefield as tonight the enemies meet their end. The beast strikes acting upon the orders of his master. No mercy, no sympathy, no regret. The master now walks the path of darkness as he sends his jackal to attack. 7Crawling Among Shadows: Chained and trapped in a nightmare, his existence is an endless life of doom. His weakness is his strength and upon this great fall he shall discover the power he holds. Screaming and wailing, it is the pain he holds deep. The darkness and the void, the pain he feels or the pain he inflicts. It is a matter of time until he makes the decision to rise and find the voices and shadows who call his name. 8Beyond Darkness (Outro): ‘’ The story begins with the warrior stranded in a horrid land between his dreams. Escaping his reality, he finds himself in the presence of the darkest shadows aiming to fill the void of emptiness his soul is drowned within.” 9Angel (Acoustic): A sweet memory, a reassuring one. The thought of her is now his strength. Soon he shall see her again. Between two worlds, between life and death, between light and darkness, good and evil, she is the link. She is his, the answer he has been looking for. Her scent, her wings, his home. In a dream. For eternity.

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