Band Biographies: Fallen At Dawn

Fallen At Dawn is the phrase that forces us to improve, cultivate, and break our borders every day.

The project originated from five people who had to tell the music how they see the world of music, knowing that what they do is a legacy that will remain, their music, their mind with a phrase, "Our songs will be heard when we don't do it."

Fallen At Dawn is a constant search for emotions embodied in all our faces.

"We don't want to set an example of anything, but to tell us what we feel, what people live, what we live," Jimmy explained.

Although he has "failed" throughout his short career, his unconscionable efforts at the moment led him to publish his first album "AWAKEN" in 2018. That album got more than 200,000 streams on Spotify and more than 400,000 views on YouTube.

The song "Koi" was released in 2019, along with producer Florent Salfati (singer of LANDMVRKS).

"This next project is perhaps the ultimate replacement of who we are," Denny says.
As big bands like Wage War, fir For a King, Polaris, or Bad Omens have done, Fallen At Dawn is trying to bring us our perspective on the kind we love, in this close-minded world, we're betting on the absolute freedom of creation.

Energy, strength, and family are the characteristics of the band.

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