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Behind The Artworks: AKIAVEL - Væ Victis (2021)

Basically, it represents the time who flies, as you can guess from the huge hourglass in the middle of the cover. The album is about serial killers, but the main killer is actually, for all humans, time. This is symbolized by the two scythes. On the top of the cover, you can see the word “Deus”, God in Latin, who is always above everything: humans, death and time. The left sentence is in French, and taken from the bible. It may translate as “Remember me when it’s time for your reign”. And on the right, a latin sentence states “Forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. You also have references to the phases of the moon as another symbol of passing time, and to the snake, because it is the first of all human sins.

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