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Track By Tracks: From The Depth - Back To Life (10th Anniversary Edition) (2021)

1. Back To Life:

This song is an instrumental masterpiece by Davide Castro, as other tracks in the album, this one really expresses the talent of Davide and you can clearly “feel” his hand throughout the whole song. We needed something dreamy but also epic somehow, to introduce the whole album and let the next song hit hard.

2. Live For Today:

This one is like an “anthem” for all of us within the band. Its double bass riff has always been one of the favourite ones by our fans during these 10 years of live gigs. Raffo wrote the song in 2010, it talks about being always ready to live the moment and enjoy the most out of your days.

3. Our Music Our Souls:

Probably the most present in our set list during live shows! This song is always the most “entertaining” because it gives us the chance to interact with the crowd, especially during the break riff in the middle of the song, it makes people jump. We all like seeing people jump during live shows, right?

4. Don’t Forget Who You Are:

Another riff by Raffo and one of our favourites. Now, thanks to the new band line-up with two guitars, it’s even better than ever. You really need to listen to it played live as it’s quite different from the original. Having two guitars within the band gives us the chance to express a whole new range of solutions while playing.

5. Lack Of Emotions:

Another instrumental one by Davide Castro. It’s incredible how you can still recall all the moments we shared at that time when he wrote the song. It was such an incredible time for us, we were extremely inspired.

6 - The Will To Be The Flame:

The title of this song is the same of our first demo we recorded back in 2010, the whole concept behind the song is quite simple: be always the best you can. We tried hard and we got a lot in return, by our fans, friends and all the people that believed in us. This song is one of the most representative of our style and with the re-recorded version we included in the re-release of Back To Life, we pushed it to another level.

7. The Cruel Kindness:

Sometimes, when you write songs, you feel like you have to slow down a little bit, and express things that normally you don’t know how to get out. This song is one of those ones, with good melody, and introspective lyrics.

8. You Just Have To Fly:

The most “happy” song of the album and the one with more success during the first days of streaming services like Spotify (being in the business for 10 years can give you some perspective about streaming services!). This one has been written by Cristiano, which is a very open and cheerful guy, this song is really like him. And you know what? It’s SO HARD to play!

9. Straight To The Source:

One of the “oldest” songs, this one has been written for our demo “The Will to be the Flame” in 2010, and yet it’s one of the best in the album for us. It’s probably underestimated by a lot of people but it’s a very good song for us.

10. Nenia:

Nenia has a kind of cinematic “mood”, very dark oriented in terms of lyrics but also quite dramatic with the music. Quite different compared to all other songs in the album.

11. Nothing To You:

This is another “always there” song on our set-list. You know, there’s something about some songs which you can’t explain, but you can’t get enough of them, both listening and playing. Nothing To You is one of those songs, we like playing it, from both technical and “enjoyment” stand points. Just listen to it, we know you’ll understand what we mean.

12. Leading My Essence Above All:

The closing of the first release of Back To Life, like a “reprise” of the intro, it leaves the listener with a sort of hope for the future, we really struggled during these 10 years but we kept on believing in this hope, and here we are with a new album and a re-released version of Back To Life.

13. The Will To Be The Flame (10th Anniversary Edition):

The new line-up with two guitars gave us the chance to push things harder and we decided to completely re-record this song to show what we can do and what people can expect from our future albums. This is just the beginning and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome. Honestly, we have the best guitar players, no doubts about this!

14. Nothing To You (ft. Apollo Papathanasio):

A revised version of the original one, we decided to go with an acoustic version to “calm down” the album. The duet between Raffo and Apollo is amazing, they really blended their voices amazingly, it makes the song the perfect closing of this album.

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