Behind The Artworks: Divine Weep - The Omega Man (2021)

The story behind cover art: While thinking about the cover art of our new album we were quite firm that we don’t want any dungeons and dragon and all this power metal bullshit. We wanted the artwork to correspond with the darker approach we took musically, as compared to our previous efforts. Bart (our guitarist and main composer) was quite impressed with the movie „Prometheus” at the time and he liked the movie poster on which there was a big head overseeing small people in some kind of a chamber. We thought we may try similar approach – with some of the album lyrics dealing with post- apocalyptic solitude, we decided to use this idea of giant head looking of the ant-like people in the desolated wasteland, to give it a little bit of „Planet of the Apes” finale feeling. All in all, we are very happy with the outcome, David Boldys (Shred Perspectives Works) did a tremendous job here!

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