Track By Tracks: Divine Weep - The Omega Man (2021)

1. Cold as Metal:

This song has a long story of changes; initially it was supposed to be an anti-war song about tanks and what not, supposed to be in the middle of the album, preceded by an intro (that later ended up as „Die Gelassenheit”). It was even intended as a title song for the whole album. Eventually we agreed that its banging heavy metal riff would be a good opener of the record and the symbolic bridge between our previous "Tears of the Ages” album and the new chapter in band’s life, as we started to romance with extreme metal as well, for the first time since the 90’s. The lyrics are just typical outsider attitude worship – nothing too sophisticated, just feels.

2. Journeyman:

Lyrics to this songs were inspired by the book "Journeyman” by Erskine Caldwell. It tells the story of the self-proclaimed preacher that travels the American South, manipulating people and changing their lives to hell to his very gain.

3. Firestone:

Here we have a story I made up for the purpose of this song. It’s about the outcast from the village/town, who finds a magic artifact – a Firestone – that gives him enormous powers, but on the other hand feeds on him, just to leave him helpless and at the whim of his enemies in the end. Kind of Tolkien-like when you think of it, you know – like with the Ring to Rule Them All.

4. Riders of Navia:

This is probably the oldest song in the set, originally included on our 2013 EP "Age of the Immortal”. Lyrics were written by the band’s friend and are dealing with Slavic mythology, Navia being the name of the Slavic afterworld.

5. The Screaming Skull of Silence:

This one is inspired by the Robert E. Howard’s pre-Conan story of the same name, about King Kull travelling to the distant castle imprisoning… silence. You know, the ultimate silence, that would devour every source of sound if released. Quite a trippy oldschool might & magic story that fit perfectly with the song’s pummeling riffs.

6. Walking (Through Debris of Nations):

This is first of the two songs loosely inspired by Richard Matheson’s novel „I Am Legend”. This one’s tells the story of a man who wakes up one day just to find out the completely empty world – no bodies, no traces of any event, nothing. Just the empty streets, empty buildings and a tons of questions. Come to think of it this one may have more in common with some early „Twilight Zone” episodes, haha!

7. Die Gelassenheit:

Originally intended as an intro to „Cold As Metal” song, it ended up as a calming bridge between deranged „Walking…” and fiery „Mirdea Lake”. Contains some cool samples from the John Wayne movie, „The Longest Day”.

8. Mirdea Lake:

Again a story I made up for the sake of the song. The song itself along with the title is the creation of our guitarist, Bartek Kosacki, and its vibe and title took my mind to the ancient subterranean lake (maybe somewhere in Africa, like in a Wilbur Smith novel?), that along with the surrounding caves is inhabitet by the evil cult. Once you find the lake and enter it, you go through a sort of rite of passage, then you forget about your past life and is destined to spent the rest of your days underground with the trippy monks. Pretty morbid, huh?

9. The Omega Man:

Second song inspired by „I Am Legend” and the album’s title track. This one’s more in line with the book’s event, as it finds our hero stuck in his house (bunker?), that is surrounded by the new creatures that started to inhabit Earth after the undisclosed catastrophy. He is supposedly the last man on Earth and soon he will be defeated as his enemies are numerous and he will just have to give way to the new species, prepared to live in the new conditions. The ending features some lines in Spanish, as I thought it just fits here (funny thing is that I don’t speak Spanish at all).

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