Behind The Artworks: Rascal Whack - Maliveni (2021)

The album describes the arrogant expansion of the city, its suffocating character and the effect that has on people, constantly asks for more and gives less and less. The return to the roots, the aim to pay attention to our inner self as human beings.

As for the artwork of the album cover, the trees pictured on it represent a cedar (veni) forest (mali), so Maliveni is the name of the album. The green color that dominates, is the color of nature and the man walking down the path on the center of the image is the common human who struggles with his inner self, searching for isolation in order to find the strength and fight his own demons. These demons are pictured as the two women over him with the flashing eyes. These are the inner demons each man has to face and fight with.

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