Track By Tracks: Love Is Red - Darkness Is Waiting (2021)

1. Darkness is Waiting:

This song is really setting the tone for the record and the mid tempo beat building up the tension for the album, it's message about depression and loss also set the tone lyrically for the next song to combat it.

2. Keep Moving:

An anthem about keeping the struggles going for your family and friends and those that need you and pushing on through the darkness that this world can throw at you from death, disease, depression, and inhumane acts...keep fighting.

3. A Different Path:

More of a punk feel with catchy hooks, but talks about how time passed on with all of our lives, and we chose a different path to walk, and those who come after us must keep that flame alive

4. Shallow Graves:

Intricate and complex riffs with strong grooves in this song also set the tone and keep listeners guessing as to the next step the song will take, while lyrically it deals with the depression of loss and death of those we care about.

5. So Long:

Heavy, Despondent, and yet still keeping things alive with knowing that the fight has just begun (so keep fighting)

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