Track By Tracks: Manfrea - Noire (2021)

1. Prelude:

"Prelude" is an opening introduction to the album. Starting with retrowave type of synths it passes to monotonous, slow guitar riff, inspired by mainstream rock-bands of the 90s. There are no lyrics except quotes of Eurhythmics' questioning phrase "Will we still be there?" off of their song "Julia" (from the original soundtrack to legendary film adaptation of "1984" by Michael Radford, 1984). This repeating question continues the idea of Manfrea's previous EP "Ignorance is Strength" and sets the tone for the rest of the album musically.

2. Rituals:

"Rituals" is the metalcore praising of intercourse by mutual consent. There is nothing cerebral or meaningful but very poetic, thinly disguised description of coitus over the top of Killswitch Engage type of riffs and simple breakdowns with an In Flames type of melodies.

3. Obsession:

The only song (except intro and instrumentals) without female vocals. You can consider the song as a love oath to a person that may never exist. The second half of a song may be considered as a dismay at the point that this oath was left unanswered. This is a slow, almost post-black metal dedication to unrequited love.

4. Noire:

The title track of the album continues the idea of the previous song — this is the grand declaration of love over the top of the succulent alternative metal riffs. The song was written and recorded in collaboration with a very productive and talented singer — Tom Byrne of Galleons and Valiant Hearts — who is really passionate to bring his emotional wealth to any song he sings on.

5. The Velvet:

"The Velvet" indirectly touches upon the case of Yulia Tsvetkova, an artist and activist who is accused of distributing pornography due to the publication of pictures in the public "Vagina Monologues". The song celebrates all the ordinary people who fight for freedom of speech and love, and it is dedicated to fight against the stigmatization of feelings, the human body, the female body in particular.

6. Superbia:

"Superbia" is an instrumental track. Its objective is to prepare the listener for the next song which is very similar with mood and energy.

7. Quit:

It is a re-recorded version of the song from the previous EP "Ignorance is Strength". It's the same old Manfrea's curse to all disgusting or toxic people that can or could exist in everybody's lives.

8. Roses:

This is the most fierce song on the album. "Roses" are about love lost and the termination of the soul. It is about feelings after a very painful breakup. Musically it starts with a slight intro then disintegrates to maleficent pieces of fear, love, hate and grief.

9. Her Dusk:

This is a piano reprise to "Noire" that closes the album with an open end. What happened to the lyrical hero? It was left unanswered like a love declaration in the title song.

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