Track By Tracks: Rascal Whack - Maliveni (2021)


This song is based on the allegory of Plato’s cave, that wants people to be chained staring at the shadow created by the sun as it’s the real life. Among the lyrics of the song, it’s referred as “They said you’re free to go but they chained my feet” and this lyric has to do with the illusion of freedom that nowadays humans believe they have.


Raging groove is a song referring to a man, named the Burning Man who is basically the insane one among the rest. This man speaks his own truth and his ideas, opinions, and mentality and for this reason, he gets humiliated and ends up being the reasonable and true one. His truth was the real truth.


This is a song about the last day of our world, living biblical catastrophes. This is a message about no matter how lucky we are by having a blessed life, everything can suddenly end. All beginnings have an end. But all ends are also the reason for new beginnings with no rules, no standards and no guidelines.


As per its title, that song is about each and every man who ’s never satisfied and wants to keep succeeding, always hoping for the best. This person is always optimistic, hopeful and confident about the future seeking for the good in everything, finding God in the things he loves and believes… “Inside the darkest creep I saw a light in the sky”.


This is a song about a greedy man who is willing to do everything it takes and taking all the risks to get what he wants, blinded by his target and unable to understand that he might lose everything he already has and be back in zero point.


As all flies, this fly too, sits on all dirty things, with the difference that this one is inside a man’s brain and finds all dark, bad thoughts, feelings, fears, insecurities to sit on, eating them and poisoning this man’s sensibility and mentality. It’s literally like, a virus destroying a man’s everyday living.


This is a song referred exclusively to the system of church, and the way that the clerics use this system for benefiting themselves targeting on getting richer and not serving the cause of the religion. The endless corruption in religion, the non-existence of spirituality, and the huge wealth behind it.


This is a song about people who dream about travelling to another world, having illusions about doing so but feeling if already been there before. So, is it another world, in the outer space or is it a parallel universe we live in?
This is the first song composed for this album.

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