1. Not Anymore:

This song was always meant to be an anthemic protest song. The lyrics are purposefully direct and don't leave too much to the imagination. We feel like lots of people these days know that there's a lot wrong with the state of the world, but oftentimes they feel like "there's nothing they can do" about it. However, we outnumber the powerful 1,000,000 to 1, so if enough of us get together, things can change. We hope this song can inspire people to dig in their heels and say "No, not anymore."

2. Pestilence:

This song was written about the COVID-19 pandemic (or "scam-demic" as we like to call it). We tried to take a more interesting approach by having the song be through the eyes of one of the scientists responsible for releasing the virus, who regrets what he's done in the aftermath of the vaccine wreaking havoc on the world and its population. Whether or not that will actually happen is yet to be seen, but, it definitely makes for a provocative song!

3. Alone:

This song is about someone who can see the future, and foresees the world ending. However, nobody believes him and this causes him to lose hope at times. He tries to "fit in" to make friends that will help him, but finds that he always ends up by himself. In the end, he decides he's better off alone and doesn't need anyone else. 

4. Fear Of Nothing:

This song is about someone with unrealized potential who gave up on his dreams. His biggest fear is that he'll never achieve anything and never be anything: "A fear of nothing."

5. Long Live The King:

This song is about a hero who wants to overthrow a corrupt and all-powerful king to free his people. We wanted this song to be more theatrical in nature, so we had one of our singers play the part of the king and the other play the part of the hero trying to take him down. The king accuses our hero of not being who he says he is, but nobody believes him because he's evil. The king and our hero fight to the death, and right when all hope is lost, the hero narrowly succeeds and finally kills the king. However, instead of freeing his people, our hero takes the crown and makes himself the new king. We find out that our hero did, in fact, lie to everybody and he only wanted the king's power to himself. Thus, the song ends the same way it begins, and the cycle of corrupt kings continues...

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