Track By Tracks: XANVALA – Gayoku No Maku (2021)

1. Hitori butai [ヒトリ舞台]:

Tatsumi: This song tells the main story within Gayoku no maku. I wrote the lyrics with a keen sense of vividness.

Souma: I composed this song like it was a theme song from a suspenseful TV show. I wanted to create a crossover between K-POP and the Japanese pop from the Showa era. The guitar style is cool and sophisticated.

70.: The music video shows off a side of XANVALA that has never been seen before. I’d be happy if you could appreciate the small details in the bass licks too.

Yuhma: There are many messages hidden in the music video.


Souma: I wanted to give it the feeling of playing the guitar phrases as if it were a synthesizer. It has a thrilling 3-phase intro that will instantly kill anyone who listens to it.

70.: From all the 5 songs, I feel this is the one that best fits XANVALA’s concept of “messy things are beautiful”.

Yuhma: It always heats up the stage.

3. ratchet:

70.: It’s a blast song at concerts. I hope one day we can enjoy this with our Lambda (fans) from other countries and get crazy altogether.

Tomoya: We made it especially to be played live. However, it turned out as an elaborated track with a shuffle rhythm as a foundation.

Yuhma: Let’s put the middle fingers up.

4. Tragedy wa gitaisuru [トラジェディは擬態する]:

Tatsumi: The lyrics drop a hint to change your perspective of the story from “Hitori butai”.

70.: It’s a song that showcases the dark side of XANVALA. The lyrics are also fascinating if you make the connection with “Hitori butai”.

Yuhma: It’s a duet of sadness and ferocity.

5. Nemuru byoshin [眠る秒針]

Souma: It’s a track that will put you in a good mood in your everyday life. The EP was born from this song.

70.: It’s quite modern in my opinion. I would like you to enjoy the addictive bass phrases.

Yuhma: It’s a salad with no dressing on it. Please taste the natural flavor of the ingredients.

6. Shumaku [終幕]

Tatsumi: This is the conclusion of the story. Although it’s a complicated song, I put attention to convey my feelings in a direct manner. Performing this live is a burst of emotions.

Souma: It’s the last boss. The contrast between the serenity of an ocean at night and the intensity of a storm is just beautiful. The structure makes you want to go back to the first song again.

70.: I dare to say that this song has the most extreme swings in mood out of all the XANVALA’s repertory. Please enjoy its dramatic development.
Yuhma: A final that never ends. It’s the cycle of the end.

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