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‘Deb’ is a two song 7-inch single that will see release on vinyl and digital formats on Friday August 6th. Recorded and mixed on a Tascam 4 Track Cassette machine in early 2021, it was mastered by Tad Doyle of the legendary band TAD at Witch Ape Studio in Seattle Washington.
Their upcoming single follows the debut demo ‘First Contact’ which was released in February of 2021 and sold out on tape in a month, spawning two more limited pressings of it.

Bringing a distinctive sound, Boozewa draws passionately from the heaviest of the heavy through to the mellowest of the mellow. Emphasized by their unusual recording method, the vintage touch produces a unique tone with a dynamic, atmospheric quality. Dark, gloomy sounds are encountered in the opening track ‘Deb’ with heavily distorted guitars creating an aptly ambient level of noise. Combined with a slow tempo and soaring vocal harmonies it’s a startling contradiction. The B-side ‘Now Stop’ delves brings rhythmic, traditional heavy metal-inspired instrumentation and edgier vocals.

For a project formed in the summer of 2020 by three musicians stuck locked down, in a house, with nothing else to do, Boozewa is an agent of creativity and innovation from composition to production. Versatile and progressive, ‘Deb’ is an experience for the senses that is not to be missed.


- Jessica Baker / bass, hollering
- Rylan Caspar / guitar, hollering
- Mike Cummings (mRc) / drums, hollering


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