Behind The Tracks: Brundarkh - Bells Of The Drowned (Single) (2021)

Not too long ago the development on the game, "Diablo IV" was announced. It included these creatures called, The Drowned whose story caught my attention and sparked the idea for the song. I'm an avid follower of Blizzard Entertainment's, "Diablo" franchise. If I think of dark fantasy and horror, "Diablo" immediately comes to mind. Like with "Wraith Dominion" we tried to really sell the story through the lyrics and some of the sound effects included in the music. Villagers would tell stories to their children to caution them to behave. If not, these creatures would appear from the sea, by the toll of their bells, and drag the children through the mist and drown them in the ocean. There's already an established look for these creatures, but for the cover I imagined something moodier. I had this picture in mind of a giant bell hanging in the middle of a forest or close to the sea's coast. The face on the bell looks like it formed out of moss or coral and represents The Drowned, who were sailors and other individuals lost at sea. The song in its essence is a tribute to the storytellers of the "Diablo" video game.

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