Behind The Tracks: Brundarkh - Wraith Dominion (Single) (2021)

From the beginning, the idea for Brundarkh's music was to have it focus on the darker side of the fantasy genre. Like many, I have been influenced by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien to a large extent.

Some of my favorite characters from "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy are the Ringwraiths who or also called, the Nazgûl. With the lyrics, we tried to give you a bit of insight into the servants of Sauron.

The Nine, who is dead but also living, is tasked with finding the Ring which is the source of Sauron's power. Though a dark story, it is an epic one. We set out to create a sound that would hopefully embody that.

The combination of aggressive guitars, drums, and vocals with orchestral passages and melodic singing felt like the perfect fit.

In terms of the art, I felt like it needed to showcase the wraiths in some way. After all, we already get a glimpse into their world, their dominion, through the lyrics.

I wanted to give it my own interpretation and not lean on what was done before with the films. The Nine were men of revere, kings of old and I wanted to capture the ghost-like aspect of their story.

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