Behind The Tracks: Disconnected Souls - Divergence (Single) (2021)

'Divergence' is part of the overarching concept of our EP 'Warring Elements' - a clash of two opposing forces. It isn't about 'good' vs 'evil', it's far more human with both sides containing a mixture of 'good' and 'evil'. These are tricky concepts considering 'good' and 'evil' rely on moral judgements which vary between cultures and beliefs etc., hence why we wanted to avoid that binary division. So far, it's proving to be our most popular track - at least according to our streaming data!

Musically, it flows on from the intro track on the EP 'Emergence' which was originally written as a whole with 'Divergence'. The track brings in a night club electronic vibe whilst also delving into more gothic and symphonic metal elements, particularly through Holly's vocals in the first verse. We have a soaring chorus before jumping into a heavy breakdown. Experimenting with scales and chord progressions, we wanted the breakdown to be dramatic and heavy while including some oriental instruments to add something extra. You may also notice a nod to a particular space related franchise...

The keyboard and vocal rendition Holly created, which is available on our YouTube channel, breaks down our instrumentation showing off the chord progressions at the core of the track and how they interact with the vocal melody lines. It's very different in terms of impact but it's still clearly showing the spirit of the original track as we designed it. Being able to take our own work and then experiment with it is not only good fun for us but it also helps improve our composition and songwriting for future material.

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