Track By Tracks: Fleshtorture - Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (2021)


Audio created by Rene Schock (guitarist) and Rudy Wolf (drummer) was make with virtual instruments resembling organ church sounds with macabre environments where the suffering caused by executioners of inquisition predominates. This Intro is titled as the album "Grotesca Doctrina de la Perversidad" (Grotesque Doctrine of Perversity) represents the domain and doctrine religion based on hypocrisy disguised as kindness where they abuse the ignorance of their followers to obtain benefits and other abominable facts that date back to times far from the fucking inquisition.

2. CANIBALISMO ECLESIÁSTICO (Ecclesiastical Cannibalism):

Musical theme created by both guitarists Rene Schock and Lenin Galo. Xhugore through of Rene Schock idea wrote the lyric.

The name of this song is a metaphor where we want to convey the corruption that exists in religions where grotesque acts of pedophilia, sadomasochism, torture, lust, arrogance, corruption, among other aberrant facts that have persecuted the church throughout its history, have prevailed.

A curious fact about this song is that was the first song we recorded in the demo in 2018, that inspired us to create the album name, so it's the main theme and is directly related with the intro.

3. BLASFEMANDO EN EL TRONO DE DIOS (Blaspheming on the Throne of God):

Music was created by bassist Hanry Cano and guitarist Lenin Galo. The lyric is the work of vocalist Xhugore.

This is a theme where we enter a blasphemous atmosphere where Satan manages to rule and outwit the sacred entities, destroying the Holy Scriptures, spitting the throne established in heaven, it's like an apocalypse synthesis where souls are burned in the eternal fire, there is no more hope, there is no going back, all is lost in this rotten world.

4. FLAGELANDO AL MESÍAS (Flogging the Messiah):

Original composition created by Rene Schock in 1997 for his old band "Inquisicion" (Inquisition) this was an Instrumental theme, and like others, it was never recorded, remaining in oblivion for all these years until Rene Schock decided to add it to Fleshtorture the album, modifying some parts and creating practically new lyrics, under Xhugore's inspiration, with much blasphemous content where it reflects the morbid and pleasure that was caused to God son, who was given to the sacrifice to wash our sins, but that represents an act of hypocrisy on the part of his father and his own sons.

5. TUMBA DE NIÑOS (Children's Tomb):

This is a composition that was born in the mid-90s by “Sepulcro”(Sepulcher) a pioneering death metal band in our city, a song composed entirely by Lenin Galo, and now as the current Fleshtorture guitarist, he decides to incorporate it into the album.

The lyrics were based on a fictional story of a seminarian who was disturbed by religious leaders as a child. Because of these abuses, he becomes a deranged psychopath who uses priesthood benefits to seek to quench his thirst for revenge, kidnapping, abusing, torturing and Shattering infants bodies to finally burying them in clandestine graves in his house backyard.

It is curious that today "Tumba de Niños" takes us to the present as a kind of "deja vu" to the events that came to light in the past months of 2021, where religion had physically and mentally abused innocent children for years. They were taken from their families to be indoctrinated into Catholicism, stripping them of the beliefs of their ancestors, destroying their ethnic groups, and leading them to a clandestine death. Facts that have motivated to people of that country to burn churches in retaliation for all the unpunished events.

We don't want to mention exactly where this happened, but if you've watched the news lately, you will know what we mean…


Blasphemous theme in which we want to convey the repulsion of Christianity in all its splendor, where we express outright hatred over of Christian ideology imposition based on sacrifice, which for us is something banal and incongruous. Lyrics created by Xhugore, and musical composition by Rene Schock and Rudy Wolf.

It begins with a small intro (idealized by Rene Schock) we create a background sound and mix it with the audio of a prayer passage from Catholic religion (The Creed) where it translates thus "He suffered under the power of Pontius Pilate, was crucified , dead and buried, and here the song starts!

Regarding musical creation we practically created this song in two parts, the first is a series of powerful riffs composed a long time ago by Rene Shock, but we thought something was missing, the song was not complete, we needed to create a new part, it is here that Rudy Wolf's main help we created the second part of the song which is composed of more grotesque riffs characteristic of grindcore creating a devastating atmosphere.

7. ABERRACIÓN MALIGNA (MalignantAberration):

An aberration created by mental disorders caused by abuse in his past, makes a man over years become the atrocious and ruthless serial killer who searches in the dark for his victims causing pain and death, mutilating their bodies, needed to feel fresh meat and the scent of blood to be able to quench his deepest killer instincts.

Aberrant lyrics were created by Xhugore and musical composition by Lenin Galo. It’s a very powerful song, it begins with an atmosphere of macabre arpeggios where then main riffs of the song starts like a hurricane and ending with schizophrenic interactions of guitar solos highlighted by both guitarists.

8. MORGUE (Morgue):

Morgue is another original song by our guitarist Lenin Galo and his extinct band “Sepulcro” from 1996.

This song talks about a forensic doctor who dedicated to commit necrophilia in the morgue where he works, he is excited to have sex with the corpses at the time of performing the autopsy, he delights in penetrating fresh bodies that have just arrived.

Part of the original lyrics of this song was modified and rearranged by Xhugore, to give it a more grotesque meaning, but based on the same idea of the original lyrics composed since its creation.

9. CREMATORIO (Crematorium):

Original song by the extinct band "Inquisición" that emerged in 1997 until 2001. The music was composed by our guitarist Rene Schock when he belonged to this band. It was a song without lyrics, it contained only guttural voices sound, but now as a Fleshtorture song, we decided to create lyrics for it, where our vocalist Xhugore took over this task.

Crematorio speaks of barbarism committed in Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camps in Austria, at the time of World War II, where the bodies of prisoners were burned, and where the cries of pain were heard when they were sprayed by toxic gases in deadly showers.

10. OUTRO:

The end, is like the intro continuation, the flames of purification are heard and the doors close, synonymous with the fact that there is no escape from the damned Grotesque Doctrine of Perversity ...
Like the intro, it was created by Rene Schock and Rudy Wolf.

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