Track By Tracks: Sleepwalker - Monument From The Void (2021)

1. Monument from the void:

The title track from the album was first written by me for a special show in my hometown in the planetarium (a 3D video cosmic show). The main theme of unknown space, the connection of people with it and other mysteries that will be discovered in the future. This was the first show from our small tour in Siberia with Eric from Thisquietarmy 3 years ago. Part of the program on this show we did improvisation, which gave birth to the idea of creating a joint album, now we are working on it.

2. Le Cercle Rouge:

The idea of creating a track came from my passion for Eastern philosophy, in which there is the term "red circle", where it says that there is a theory in which a meeting of two people can become fatal for both, sometimes fatal, sometimes elevating a person to a new level.

3. Dream Cycle:

A joint track with the Liholesie project, which recently released an album. The idea of creating appeared during the joint tour of Liholesie and Nytt Land. I had a basic idea, music was written, and we decided to supplement it with shamanic instruments.

4. Neverending Journey through the Void:

The biggest and most difficult track. It used all the dynamics and palette of sounds that I used throughout the album, in this final track it was necessary to withstand both pressure and dynamics and leave place for lyrical parts.

In this track, as in the whole album, only analog instruments were used. Some instruments and effects are made by me, a large number are brought from different countries (Tibet, Thailand, India), sound effects and custom pedals for guitar and synths.

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