Track By Tracks: Veil Of Conspiracy - Echoes Of Winter (2021)

1. Woods of Nevermore:

The song is about a person who desperately tries to take refuge in the woods, but it begins to refuse the human being that’s trying to break its natural balance. So the title came from this refusal.

2. Grim Light:

A dark winter suddenly comes and embraces human faults, hides the light and makes man falls into a whirlwind of coldness and despair.

3. The Darkest Fall:

Man arrives at a point in his life where he looks back to the past and realizes that the only thing left to do is wait for the autumn of his existence, which turns into a cold autumn full of grimness.

4. Ocean’s Tide:

A man contemplates the stormy sea sitting upon a cliff while thinking about all the failures of his past life. He hopes that the tide can redeem him from his mistakes and give him a peaceful death.

5. At the Edge of Dark:

This song is about arriving at the edge of the precipice and falling into the deepest point of desperation, where only death can be a relief.

6. Cold:

The deep sadness of mankind is reflected in nature, bringing coldness, despair and darkness.

7. Shore of Discord:

The main protagonist of the entire song is nature, with its power and its multiple manifestations, which make mankind feel a nothingness in comparison.

8. Forsaken:

Abandoned by the light, man gropes in the dark, wandering aimlessly and feeling completely forsaken by life.

9. Svart:

The song focuses on the darkest and most malevolent representation of nature, in the presence of which man can not help but succumb.

10. Where Sun Turns to Grey:

In this song, nature tries to console man, consumed by sorrow and suffering for the loss of someone loved.

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