Track By Tracks: White Cowbell Oklahoma - Textos Raros Vol. 1: 2001​-​2011 (2021)

1. Take Me Down To Mexico:

A heavy, driving Purple-esque stoner/space rock track. A rare outtake from Buenas Nachas (2011). Video:

2. Black Night:

Even more purple (it's a Deep Purple cover). A firey, previously-unreleased outtake from the Casa Diablo (2006) sessions, recorded with ten minutes of studio time left, featuring Sgt. Rock on one-take vocals.

3. (Just) Some Things A Man Can't Keep Inside:

Another rare, very psychedelic Buenas Nachas outtake, journeying into WCO's darkest places via Can and Dr. John.

4. The 'Bell Are On The Run:

(2001) pre-Cencerro Blanco homage to 70s KISS-style arena rock. A stomper about a police-pursued band/gang coming to your town. They ain't foolin' 'round.

5. Shot A Gamblin' Man (Early Version):

This (2001) version sits back and takes a groovier, hardier toke than the speedier, later version on Cencerro Blanco (2003). A feel-good song about murder and gambling, referencing Johnny Cash and Doug Sahm.

6. This Cracker's Got The Blues (Early Version):

This was the first WCO song ever written, which was also later re-recorded, must faster, on Bombardero (2009). But this (2001) version's got more skid row soul.

7. Lone Star Love-In:

(2001) WCO's first of many tributes to the mythical Texas depicted in ZZ Top's vast discography. It also gives nods to Ennio Morricone, George Clinton and desert wildlife.

8. Rebel Woman:

(2001) Just a dumb song about fitness enthusiasts and the people who love them.

9. Southern Grace (Live):

Original studio version appeared on Cencerro Blanco. This version was omitted from Viva Live Locos (2010) for space reasons. Recorded live at Burg Herzberg Festival (Europe's largest freak/hippy/jam band soiree) in 2006, the song is a homage to the American-prog genre perfected by Kansas and The Marshall Tucker Band.

10. Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman) (Live):

Another Viva Live Locos outtake. The original studio version also appeared on Cencerro Blanco. It's mostly about mining, drilling, etc. (and whiskey). This song closed-out WCO live sets - with the stage overrun by enthusiastic (and often undressed) fans - for several years.

11. Streetknifes 'R' Go:

A previously-unreleased earlier recording of the jam that became “Streetknife's Theme” on Buenas Nachas. This version is heavier but also arguably groovier.

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