Track By Tracks: Winter Nights - Sky Burial (2021)

1. Time To Say Goodbye:

A farewell, so to speak to our past albums and concepts that we created. A move in a new direction. Time to say Goodbye is ultimately a culmination of our musical life. “Remembering the past to bring a new future”

2. Neither Faith nor Fear:

There’s a voice in everyone's mind. A majority of humans need faith to live life while others live on fear. This song is about objecting to that feeling or thought pattern. Becoming your own power, your own god. Or can this be a new voice speaking on your behalf?

3. I Pray To I:

This song is the bridge between giving up all that you have in the spirit, body & mind. Becoming pure to prepare for the next phase. There’s a hand reaching out to help, the choice is to take it or not.

4. Sky Burial:

A powerful take on being abducted. Our Vultures will absolve you of your sins, revive your faith, diminish your fear. They are the gateway to a new life. But it won't be an easy transition.

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