Behind The Artworks: Adarrak - Ex Oriente Lux (2021)

Zigor: Mattias Norén is a total pro and one of my favourite artists out of Scandinavia. Ex Oriente Lux is an old Latin phrase for “out of the East light” which originally refers to how the Eastern religions/spiritualism are -that- just more “spiritual” than the “materialistic” West. That’s the original meaning: for me it was more a combination of the great stuff that comes out of Asia on a number of fronts: music, writing, thinking. The cover depicts the Eastern “shore” and the “Western” shore of the World -one plunged in darkness and the other one… wait for it… covered in light.

When we started working with Mattias Norén, I made sure I conveyed that vision or message of how I was seeing the World at that point in time (Covid had just hit, I think) and he did an amazing job at depicting that idea above i.e. the East and the West shores with one of them covered in light and the other one plunged in darkness.

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