Track By Tracks: Death's Eminence - In A Hideous Dream Made True (2021)

It's a concept album about a person who becomes a serial killer, but by means of an otherworldly malevolent entity taking over the 'his' body.

The album name 'In a Hideous Dream Made True,' is essentially what happens to the protagonist. Concept, as it were: In the depths of a nightmare, a nameless protagonist throws a dagger away that contains all his hatred. But the spherical realm of the nightmare causes the dagger to fly back and penetrate its thrower. This infects the protagonist and he loses the sense of himself and turns into a malevolent version of himself*, that he vies for control with, ultimately losing, which causes a waking world, nightmare connection. The infection leads to him murdering people like a serial killer, kind of without being aware of what he's doing in a multiple personality disorder sort of way. So even though, the original "he" isn't aware of what he's doing per se; he begins to see that his surroundings are gradually becoming filled with corpses. He realizes that he won't be able to stop himself from continuing, and buries himself and dies. But not even death is punishment enough, and his non-corporeal existence is instantaneously obliterated(the last track is called Instantaneous Obliteration).

1. Omens of Chaos on the Battlefield of Sacred Duty:

The protagonist is literally dreaming, having a nightmare and throws a dagger, which contains all his hatred, but the spherical nature of the dream causes the dagger to come back and impale him, infecting him not just with his hatred/pure evil but also allowing in some other entity, which is observed by beings from outside reality. He then is essentially taken over by these forces.

2. Unbound Molecular Reasoning:

The entity/protagonist/antagonist awakes from the dream/nightmare, but is no longer his original self. Everything solidifies and the malevolent entity becomes fully formed within the host body.

3. Brief as Each Other's Thrall:

By this point, the entity/protagonist/antagonist has killed already, but he's finally got the hang of it and has a method and a prostitute becomes his victim, of course, she doesn't realize it until she gets to his lair, then it's too late.

4. When Acid Consumes Them:

The entity/protagonist/antagonist has killed many times by now and is gleefully explaining his MO, deeds, desires and thoughts about his victims. There is a brief moment, where there is a lapse in his hold over his host body, but there isn't any awareness experienced by the original person.

5. Unworthy Recipient of the Gift Bestowed in the Form of Death:

The entity/protagonist/antagonist is so caught up in his own views and methods that he ends up taking for a victim someone as evil, or more than him, someone whom, he does not believe deserves the gift of death, but by the time he realizes it's too late.

6. Incantation Sheathed:

Surrounded by rotting corpses in his lair, the entity/protagonist/antagonist impatiently awaits another victim, with an increasing blood thirst making it all the worse for him. Whatever inter-dimensional otherworldly forces are at work, the mechanism that had kept the host body unaware can no longer contain itself.

7. Inescapable Awakening:

The entity/protagonist/antagonist are still one, but the original person, whose body is still host to the malevolent entity, is now fully aware of the evil deeds he/they have committed. While acknowledging that he needs to kill, he also knows that's not who he is or was.

8. Ensuring the Achievement of Infinite Impermanence:

Now with full knowledge of his deed and plight, and knowing there's nothing he can do to stop himself from killing again, the entity/protagonist/antagonist decides to end his life by burying himself alive.

9. Instantaneous Obliteration:

Even in death the entity/protagonist/antagonist, cannot escape the consequences of his evil deeds. Beyond reality, immortal figures bring him before an undying portal and a centric tribunal conducts and unworldly extermination, so that he/it has no form of existence, not even at the quantum/string level.

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