Behind The Artworks: Broken Links - Fatalism (2021)

Broken Links ( bolt onwards with the release of their enormously intriguing new video and single, Fatalism, out Friday 5th November. The song is lifted from the alt rockers present third album, Conflict::States, which has been widely praised for its captivating guitar work, emotive vocals, and electronic sound passages. We asked the band:

1. Who designed the artwork?

“As always, our drummer Phil puts together the artwork in whatever graphics design package is hip at the time! (it probably also relies heavily on what company he works for at the time and what software they have licenses for so he can use it for nothing!)

Usually, there’s a theme, so I’ll tell him the theme and find some starting images online, sometimes those images will be used, and sometimes Phil finds more suitable ones. This time however it was a bit different!

We usually end up parting with some cash for a photo on Shutterstock, but being a bit fed up with splashing the cash, the image is actually a screenshot out of our upcoming video (due out 5th November 😉)!

It looked pretty cool and sums up the main theme of the song. The rest of the design is us trying to make it look as sexy and minimal as a pack of ‘Benson and Hedges’, without the health warnings.”

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

“The grim reaper is a sign of fate, we’re all destined to die at some point, and until that point we’re all joyriding through life, and as part of that sometimes we get sucked into draining shit which we really shouldn’t be wasting our time on. That’s what this song is about.”

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