Behind The Artworks: Hak-ed Damm - Destructio Purificalis (2021)

1. What can you say about the album artwork?

I am Amok guitarist from Hak- ed Damm and this is the answer to talk about the cover I did:

When I joined Hak- ed Damm, I immediately let myself get impregnated by the concept of war, brutality and also bizzare sexual imagery. For me this is a perfect melt to shock and provoke, and also to attract attention.

So for this third opus I wanted to honor that way of craziness. I started to sketch on paper two symmetrical towers and a wall, with barbels and a nuke in background. That invoke to me the fence of a controlled society, powerful and malevolent, on a post-apocalyptic view.

Then I rebuilt the concept on computer, adding weaponry, effects and that sexy mutant female... which I think is a big part of the attention on the cover. She's constituted of different elements of different bodies assembled into a six branches pentacle if you join the four legs and tied hands correctly. It reminds me a little Kali, Hindu goddess of time and death(just a little perver okted). I think it fit very well the concept of Destructio Purificalis: An inevitable death of mankind at the end of time. I also like the represent her as an awful divinity of slavery and sex, adored by a vicious community living under a reign of terror.

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