Track By Tracks: Athemon - Athemon (2021)

1. Perception:

It is the opening. Instrumental music that carries evil cords and drags the listener into the enigma that will be presented. It’s the opening of a 50-minute journey.

2. Whispers:

With an intense instrumental, Whispers illustrates the principle of self-awareness, where our character starts a conversation with himself about echoes he can no longer avoid. The whispers of the mind that can no longer be shut down.

3. The Glass Hindered Us:

With a strong chorus, The Glass hindered Us takes on a self-observation beginning, however, what you see is still blurry. The replacement of whispers by the observation of the image itself, but still in the form of two ghosts. Where there is an observer, there is another in observation. Two voices, one individual. In the end, our character realizes that he is the ghost.

4. Different From What Was Missing:

Different From What Was Missing is a song that starts with a clean sound in a mysterious setting, and ends with an instrumental explosion. At this point in the journey, our character is faced with the faults. A grotesque expression of himself. A monster that he always tried to avoid, but that he now has to face out of the need to connect with himself, out of the need to reach out. From the observation of their own behavior and the acceptance of the piece that they tried so hard to avoid, then a seed of change is perceived.

5. Seed of Change:

Seed of Change carries a wide variety of moments, it’s the song with the most variety of riffs. From the ugly and heavy to the beautiful and pleasant, as if struggling to understand how to get out of the commonplace, our traveler enters the field of action. This song is about returning to the path that was built. Almost like something inevitable. When you realize that you are the monster, you can then dismantle what was collapsing. Observation can fix what has escaped until then.

6. I Voice of Mine:

I Voice of Mine opens the beautiful part of the journey. A more sensitive instrumental. For our traveler, self-questioning becomes inevitable, as he can no longer deflect thoughts that have always been there. He then realizes that he has all the time he needs to explore its magnitude. A beauty that makes you understand the delight of being what you are. He then starts to preserve more of his time and conversation in mind.

7. Reaching Deepness:

In Reaching Deepness the band explores two musical climates. A melodic atmosphere finds at the end a thoughtful and striking atmosphere. A representation that even knowing yourself better, there will still be many internal battles to confront. Less timeless, our protagonist enjoys his existential dive, free-falling for more enjoyment. It is possible to reach more depth in himself when he no longer avoids those parts that have always been repudiated.

8. Greatest Understanding:

Finally, in Greatest Understanding, through the symbology of the confrontation of a dark dream that represents fear and discomfort, our character understands the power he has. The power of self-transformation. To be able to transform is to evolve. So he understands that he is a finite part of a great mystery. Subjectively, then, he becomes a god of his own and starts to taste what is outside the cocoon he himself built. And so he flies.

9. Birth:

Birth closes our journey with an instrumental full of beautiful melodies, especially the last one, a very sensitive theme that represents free flight, something possible for every form of consciousness.

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