Track By Tracks: Disbeliever - Archetype (2021)


In the beginning our will was to tell a story of a dystopian world, where a single man carried the burden of a cure for a disease that had annihilated humanity, about how the end justifies the means in a world. where there are no more rules or morals and how every action led man to return to a primordial state.

An interior search where political and social constraints had to be removed in order to continue.

During the work process, we understood that we too had to do the same thing and therefore yes, tell the story we wanted, but without giving labels or a thread to follow, a musical journey where everyone would find exactly his concept of Archetype.

There is no univocal meaning to be attributed to a single piece, through words, notes, instruments, voices, memories, sensations or fantasies; different situations of lived life that cannot be the same and replicable to those of someone else, all these factors affect one's own interpretation.

We will tell you what this album and each of its songs is for us but, at the same time, we want the listener to attribute their own interpretation regarding our final work, the sum of our intentions, without it being either correct or wrong, but simply unique because it belongs only to him.

1. Archetype:

It is not easy to understand when everything negative you have experienced is so overwhelming that you cannot get up.

When your experiences are so heavy that they take you to the bottom of a well from which it is difficult to ascend, the only way is to understand that, sometimes, you have to free yourself from excess and from the things that don't really matter in order to find you again. same original, the one who was still able to get up.

2. Decay Of Existence:

It is exactly the point of no return.

It is the moment in which you are able to become aware that you are no longer yourself but only a copy manipulated by your own fears, your mistakes and your remorse.

It is the moment when you look in the mirror and understand that the reflection you see reproduces you only physically but you no longer recognize yourself.

3. Fades Down Far:

A first step towards healing the soul.

Understanding how far you have pushed yourself, how far the real you has vanished and at that point you begin to forget what you have done wrong or what you have done, erase what you are to return to an earlier version of you that could still understand what 'was the right thing to do.

4. Mystic:

Understanding yourself is a path that always requires a sacrifice because you must, without reservations, face your fears, fight them hoping that they do not overwhelm you to the point of canceling you.

However, when, even for just a moment, you manage to take that step, you are overwhelmed by an almost magical energy that gives you strength and allows you to continue on your journey.

5.Our Own Behavior:

The path that each individual chooses to face in life, in problems, in his struggles is never without obstacles but the final outcome is decided only by how you decide to face that path and all the tests that it will face you...

What you are or what you will become derives precisely from how you decide to participate in this absurd game that is life.

6. Retreat Into Madness:

Very often, when your mind reaches its limit, when your existence is lived behind a veil that does not allow you to see anything but your own despair, you can not help but embrace that same dark side thinking that it is the only way to follow, which is the only way that can in some strange way free you from all fear.

7. Screams:

We invited Francesco Cavalieri a phenomenal singer to put his own stamp on this piece that tells The pain and negative experiences of life, sometimes they are so strong that a voice inside screams to hurt us to relieve our pains, but we must resist and prevent this voice from continuing by telling her to shut up

8. Silent Death:

What can you do when everyone you're struggling with takes over? When everything you've moved on for, no matter how hard you try, crumbles under your feet? Everything fades and darkens, you feel burned with pain and fear and you close as if you were dead, in a silent death.

9. Universal Ego:

The moment you are able to face your every demon, your every fear and your every suffering, when from that battle you can free yourself from the chains that do not allow you to rebel and take strength from every little effort, just in that moment you realize that inside you still want to fight and what you have is you who can go back to being yourself.

10. Wherever Soul:

Wherever Soul deals with the separation of the soul from the self, with a journey that leads the listener to an objective analysis, in search of the sensations and emotions that make a person "alive".

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